Free Vessel Safety Check ..Free Vessel Safety Check..Free Vessel Safety Check


What Is A Vessel Safety Check?


A Vessel Safety Check ensures the vessel and its equipment comply with federal, state and local safety requirements.

Some of the inspected items include:

      Fire extinguishers

     Sound producing devices

     Visual distress signals


     Registration/ documentation

     Navigation lights

     Backfire flame control

     Proper display of numbers


What Does It Cost?

Nothing, just a few minutes of your time.  The Vessel Safety Check is a free service provided by special trained members.  This is a non-law enforcement procedure.  No citations are issued.


What Does It Save Me?

1   Money.  If your vessel is boarded by law enforcement authorities or the Coast Guard & they find equipment violations, fines for multiple problems can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

2   Possibly the lives of the people on your vessel.  When you correct the problems found in a VSC, you may prevent an accident or be better prepared for a life threatening emergency.


To get A FREE Vessel Safety Check  Call (727)736-1191 and leave contact information.