Flotilla 11-10 Spoil Island Cleanup 05 August 2017


Pinellas County asked for volunteers to clean up the spoil islands on St.Joseph Sound. There were different organizations that adopted an Island. Flotilla 11-10 & 11-1 was assigned a Spoil Island south of the Dunedin Causeway in 2014. The Spoil Islands are visited bi-annually.

Today was our assigned day & the weather was a perfect boating day. There are a few places on the island that have been created by visitors for camping. We had a large group of Jet Ski's that stopped by the Island while we were there & a couple of sail boats. The island is very picturesque & welcomes visitors. After policing the island we had a little barb-b-que & lunch. We even had a mini birthday celebration, Kristi brought a cake for my birthday and Melissa Hughes.

We had 5 vessels, Harvey Prior's, Kristy Mackey, Steve Rea, Melissa Hughes & Walter Murray. My boat, a Carolina Skiff which is a shallow water boat ferried in people and supplies to the island. The boats were rafted up off the island.

Our thanks to Harvey Prior, Mike Negley, Jessie Owend, Steve Rea, Gordon Thomas, Krisiti Mackey, Jennifer Mackey Swisher, Eugene Swisher & little Wesson Swisher, Jim Ryder, Walter Murray  Mellissa Hughes & Sharon Herman ( Mellissa & Sharon are prospective new members to the Flotilla, Welcome Aboard)

NOTE: There are 15 Spoil Islands on St.Joseph's Sound which were created when the ICW ( intra coastal waterway) was created. The debris from the excavation evolved into beautiful islands, hence the name Spoil Island.



                              Spoil Island                                             Boats Rafted Up
                                   Group Picture              Harvey Prior, Kristi Mackey , Steve Rea & Gordon Thomas
                                            Mike Negley                                      Jennifer Mackey Swisher & son, Wesson
                         Sharon Herman & Melissa Hughes                                Walter Murray's Ferry Service               
                            Group of visiting Jet Skis                       
                                 Birthday Cake                                     Walter Murray & Melissa Hughes
                 Jennifer and Hubby Eugene Swisher                                Kristi Mackey & Walter Murray                
               Kristi Mackey's grandson,  Little Wesson Swisher                                        Carolina Skiff
                   Hobie Cat Sail Boats visiting grounded Trawler                              Ferry shoving off from island


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